Prevent Hair Loss with Hair Serum

Herbal Woman Hair Serum

Losing one’s hair can lead to stress and embarrassment.  Everyday most people lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair daily.  This is what we often see on the pillow or over the drain cover of the shower.  This is considered to be normal.  Hair loss is not only limited to the hair on the head but also in all parts of the body.  Baldness is referred to excessive hair loss from people.  Alopecia is a medical term for losing enough hair that a person has visible thin patches of hair.

When does baldness start?  It usually starts at the age of 25.  Although this is usually found in adults, there may be hair loss among teenagers and even children, these cases are not common.

We may see men going bald or his crowning glory getting bigger but it may also manifest among women.  This hair loss might bring stress to the person as they worry about their appearance.

There are several causes of hair loss.  Hereditary or blame it on the genes is one.  Sickness as well as the accompanying medicinal treatments would also be a cause for baldness.  Chemotherapy or radiation is one example.  Not eating the right kinds of foods which leads to malnutrition or under nutrition is also a cause.

There are several treatments to the different hair loss today and these can be easily be given by dermatologist.

One of this treatment is the application of a hair serum.  This will really help you stop the falling hair and this will not just stop the falling hair, this will encourage hair growth!  This is a nutrient hair serum that helps the scalp and hair cells to produce more hair.

Herbal Woman™ Hair Serum is blended with a potent mix of herbal extracts that help prevent hair loss problems. It is formulated with Ginger extract, Moringa oleifera and Peppermint oil that soothes the scalp, and with Capilectine™ that helps stimulate hair growth.

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3 Responses to Prevent Hair Loss with Hair Serum

  1. ramrags says:

    Can you tell me the effect of this Hair Serum? I have lots of bald friends, if you can convince me then I will recommend this to them.

  2. zamy says:

    im suffering from severe hair loss n im just turning 21,pls help me!im tired of experimenting my hair with all type of products n remedies n losing more n more hair daily..

  3. lhea says:

    i have a very thin hair and even more thinner after i gave birth.. can i try hw hair serm??

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